I like to figure out how to make things work better.


Hi, I'm Kriztille!

Coming from a traditional art background with years of experience in both customer service and digital marketing, I’m interested in understanding how we relate to the world around us, how it makes us feel, and how design can make our experiences better. 

As a rock climber, I take the same disciplines of focus, awareness, and a love for problem solving to how I approach UX design—with an inquisitive and curious nature, aiming to understand a problem and develop empathy through human-centered design.

My creative approach starts with finding inspiration, and gaining a deep understanding and empathy for those I’m designing for. I keep myself open to many ideas, and opportunities for design solutions through brainstorming, sketching, and rapid prototyping. 

Ultimately, I focus on constant iterations to reach the best possible design solutions while aiming to meet the needs of the people I’m designing for. 

Resume available upon request.